Alumil Aluminium

Alumil is one of the most advanced companies in the design and production of aluminium extrusion products globally, with 30 years’ experience and state-of-the-art production lines in all its factories. With its modern, flexible and fully vertical production lines and highly experienced personnel, the company can provide highly specialized aluminium profiles that are needed to fulfil the requirements of innovative products. Alumil’s separate Quality Control department undertakes daily exhaustive testing throughout all stages of the production process in order to guarantee the quality of products.



Stratasys “Dimension Elite”



The ongoing need to create high precision prototypes with good mechanical properties led to the decision to purchase a Stratasys Dimension Elite 3D printer.

Now, Alumil’s engineers have the ability to print 3D parts and verify whether they are accurate for assembly. They can have a prototype using the 3D printer for the first product test before an aluminium profile is ever offered commercially. Moreover, thanks to the excellent mechanical properties of the 3D printed parts, they can even be used in some end-use parts manufacture.

















“Our company has never before had such a reliable printer. It is a huge assistance to us, and responds to all our needs. “

Michael Sarafoglou  – R&D designer


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