F.N. ORTHODONTICS a powerful Greek laboratory


F.N. ORTHODONTICS is a specialized orthodontic and dental laboratory, operating in Greece and other European countries since 1997, with the highest professional standards. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art integrated engineering equipment, and is staffed by personnel with certified knowledge in dentistry, thereby guaranteeing high quality and reliable services.

F.N. Ordodontics team

F.Douloupas and F.N. Orthodontics team




F.N. Orthodontics lab



«The need for the immediate, cost-effective, and accurate creation of molds led to the search for solutions beyond traditional techniques. So, the new era of F.N. Orthodontics began with the acquisition of next generation equipment. We addressed our issues to 4th Dimension Technologies, the official representative of Stratasys and by utilizing the 3D printing technology, we solved many of our problems. We found that by investing in an Objet30 Orthodesk 3D printer, the construction of digitally processed molds for laboratory study and of teeth splints, offers not only excellent accuracy, speed, and reliability whilst reducing costs, but also provides a better demonstration of each individual patient’s dental data. Today, the use of digital technology has allowed the company to operate in ways that have never been possible before.»



Objet30_Orthodesk Stratasys Objet30 Orthodesk 3d Printer



Now we combine human skill and experience with the use of next-generation technology. In F.N. ORTHODONTICS we are so delighted that we are thinking of an expansion by buying a larger 3D printer model.

Fragiskos Douloupas




P.Lazos(4th Dimension Technologies Key account Manager) – F.Douloupas(F.N. Orthodontics owner)



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