Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)

Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is a manufacturing process which manifests physical parts directly from 3D CAD files or data using additive fabrication (AF), also known as additive manufacturing (AM), techniques. As the speed, reliability, and accuracy of the hardware improves, additive manufacturing may replace or complement traditional manufacturing in creating end-use products.


Direct Digital Manufacturing is used for:


  • Fabrication & Assembly Testing (FAT)
    • Manufacturing tools, such as jigs, fixtures, drill guides, and check gauges can be quickly and cost-effectively produced with Fortus additive fabrication systems — a process called direct digital manufacturing or rapid manufacturing. This process eliminates machining or tooling, shaving months of time and tens of thousands of dollars per component.
  • End-User Parts (EUP)
    • For low-volume manufacturing, traditional methods of making production parts are evolving. Instead of machining parts or cutting a tool for molding, direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is a cost-effective and simpler alternative. Now the production process can start as soon as the part’s CAD file is sent to an additive fabrication machine.


Although the part aesthetics are different from an injection-molded part, accuracy and strength are comparable.

Direct digital manufacturing takes a step out of the product development process, speeding up the production cycle and the products time-to-market remarkably.

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