The new extremely fast technology for the production of investment casting shells.

The complete Cyclone system is a complete high speed shell building system for rapid prototyping, ideal for the fabrication of prototypes and for batch production. With a maximum tree size of 500 x 500 mm it is especially suited for prototyping and investment casting service companies.

During the metal casting process, the ceramic shell is built around a wax pattern by several layers of so-called slurry and fire proof sand.

Under the conventional process, every layer needs to dry for approximately 24 hours before the next layer can be applied. Therefore, a shell build requiring seven layers can take up to one week to construct.

MK Technology developed a high-speed drying process for Rapid Prototyping, thus reducing the production time of a shell to a few hours.

The Cyclone is the first machine for producing a complete shell at the push of a button in less than 4 hours.

  • Extremely fast – shells produced in less than four hours
  • Easily copes with large patterns High quality shells produce excellent castings
  • Mold is 50% stronger minimizing the risk of cracked shell and reducing the number of layers
  • Dewaxing can be performed in standard ovens without postcuring
  • The system works well for all processing all metals

The new technology for building investment casting shells.

Cyclone Leaflet