EGS Leios 2

3D Scanning Elaborations Software and Reverse Engineering

Leios is a fast, reliable and user-friendly solution for

  • elaboration of 3D scans,
  • editing of triangle meshes
  • reverse engineering

The new version, Leios 2, is a turning point: new user interface and new workflow, performance boosts and new tools, granting users improved productivity and usability.

With Leios it’s possible to acquire datasets from any kind of 3D scanner, to transform the point cloud into a NURBS mathematical model easy and quickly with complete control of each step and to analyze the results with powerful inspection tools.

Leios features powerful elaboration and editing tools to make transformation of the original point clouds to manifold mesh easier and to fit the obtained meshes with CAD mathematical models.

Leios exports the datasets in many formats, both polygonal and CAD, suitable for several fields like:

  • industrial design
  • engineering
  • simulation
  • archaeology
  • medical and dental industry
  • animation

and so on…

EGSolutions software is easy, user-friendly, but reliable and powerful solution for 3D scanning elaborations, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling.

  • Greater freedom
  • Better interaction and perception
  • High productivity
  • Plugins for importing data of many 3D scanners manufacturers

Point Cloud Processing

  • Direct data import or acquisition from scanner, registration, alignment and merge of point clouds and meshes.
  • Standard editing operations and transformation functions.
  • Point cloud filtering, cleaning and optimization, smoothing.

Mesh Phase Processing

  • Optimized point-cloud data is converted into a triangulated mesh.
  • Further operations improve the surface quality .
  • Mesh cleaning and optimization, fix normals, smooth the wholemesh or selected part.
  • Decimation, refining, Holes filling .
  • Mesh export with standard formats for further processing.

Character Lines Recognition

  • The surface is parsed and splines are automatically constructed at major surface imersections, while rounds are recognized and processed as tangent, but separate entities.
  • Edge Analysis, auto recognition of the model edges separating distinct regions.
  • Editing Edges, automatic determination of the edge fillet radius.

Surface Fiting and Modeling

Leios provides different strategies for the reconstruction of the models, every strategy has tools suitable to a specific activity like engineering, freeform objects, cultural heritage etc.

The combination of the different strategies allows to get the desired results.

  • Automatic and semiautomatic nurbs-based model reconstruction.
  • Dissection of the model onto separate faces, recognition of analytical surfaces (planes, cylinders, spheres).
  • Create / Fit primitives, fit nurbs curves from point cloud, mesh extended faces fitting based on dissection.

Analysis and Inspection

  • Measurements, surfaces evaluation tools
  • Mesh-surface and mesh-mesh comparison, reports

Leios 2: 3D Scanning and reverse engineering software

Leios 2 is a turning point: the new name reflects an evolved product line. The software has been redesigned to take advantage of the latest hardware platforms and to answers all of the users’ request.

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