FORTUS 3D Productions

Save Time Making Jigs, Fixtures & Production Parts

Fortus 3D Production Systems can produce the most accurate, durable and functional assembly tools and production parts using high-performance thermoplastics. And it offers the largest build size and maximum throughput.

Only Fortus FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology offers advanced production grade thermoplastic materials and state-of-the-art hardware and software. By offering the most sophisticated technology, the largest build envelope and maximum throughput of any additive fabrication system, Fortus offers unprecedented versatility and capability.

Parts produced with a Fortus 3D production system are 30-300% stronger than Stratasys parts produced with 3D printers, even when using the same materials. The advanced technology of Fortus makes the mechanical properties of the part the most accurate, stable, and durable.

Parts for Manufacturing Tools (Direct Digital Manufacturing)

Manufacturing tools, such as jigs, fixtures, drill guides, and check gauges can be quickly and cost-effectively produced with Fortus additive fabrication systems — a process called direct digital manufacturing (or rapid manufacturing). This process eliminates machining or tooling, shaving months and tens of thousands of dollars off scheduling

Parts for End-Use

Instead of machining parts or cutting a tool for molding, direct digital manufacturing (DDM) can be a cost-effective and simpler alternative. Now the production process can start as soon as the part’s CAD file is sent to an additive fabrication machine without the cost and time associated with tooling or machining.

Advanced Applications

Fortus 3D Production System’s advanced hardware, improved output, robust materials, large capacity and sophisticated software, enables you to build parts that stand up to demanding requirements and conditions. Fortus application engineers have developed unique applications for parts manufactured by Fortus systems. Techniques range from as simple as painting to more complex applications such as RTV Molding, Molded Paper Pulp and Sand Casting and many more.

3D Production Systems are part of the more than 11,000 Stratasys FDM additive fabrication (AF) systems installed around the world. Stratasys is not only the worldwide leader in additive fabrication systems, it also invented the industry’s leading AF technology: FDM® Fused Deposition Modeling.

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Find the machine that suits your needs and browse the variety of materials that Stratasys has to offer.

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Get the reliability and flexibility of a professional-grade 3D production system at an affordable price.

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Developed for demanding applications and high-accuracy.

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Flexible, fast, predictable, and simple to operate. Manufacture Real Parts™ in a wide range of thermoplastics.

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Designed and built for size, throughput, precision and repeatability.

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The Fortus Smoothing Station™ and Burnishing Station™ utilize semi-automated processes that improve the surface fi nish of Fortus thermoplastic parts to near injection molded quality finish without the time and cost associated with traditional manual fi nishing techniques.

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The Finishing Touch Smoothing Station uses a semi-automated process to improve the surface finish of FDM arts to near injection-molded quality without the labor and cost associated with traditional manufacturing.

FORTUS Finishing Touch Smoothing Station