MK Vacuum Casting Systems

he innovative technology for making silicon molds and functional prototypes from a master model within only one day – at only a fraction of the usual costs.

The new electronically controlled MK VACUUM CASTING SYSTEM provides a simple method of producing plastic prototypes without the need for an expensive steel tool. A silicone mould is made based on a master model, which has been built with one of the new generative technologies or in a conventional way. Then the silicone mould is filled with a two-part polyurethane resin under vacuum.

50 plastic prototypes can easily be made without complicated and expensive steel moulds. The parts cannot be distinguished from conventionally made serial plastic parts and are strong enough to easily check the form, fit and function of the model.

MK Vacuum Casting Systems come in a variety of versions and sizes.


  • Easily test form, fit and function
  • Close to identical representation of original part
  • Low-quantity manufacturing
  • Reusable cups and funnel
  • Electronic differential pressure system
  • Precise pre-selection of pressure by go-to function
  • Easy program memory
  • Time saving by automatic silicone de-gassing Perfect visibility through large glass doors and transparent cups
  • Silicone mould can be used several times
  • A special capability is the differential pressure for building complex parts
  • Numerous types of resins or waxes can be cast providing more flexibility

MK Vacuum Casting Systems Brochure

MK Technology® delivers the whole spectrum of vacuum casting, from the low-priced model for beginners, the MK-Mini, up to the World’s largest series-produced vacuum chamber, the System 3.

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