ModelMaker Scanners MMDx/MMC

The digital handheld laser scanner

The unmatched accuracy, usability and performance of the ModelMaker handheld scanner range make it the perfect data capture tool for all inspection, quality control, reverse engineering, and other 3D data capture applications.

The ModelMaker – featuring true digital camera technology – is a leap forward in 3D laser scanning, as it introduces groundbreaking innovations, such as second-generation Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP2), plug-and-scan and twin-pod casing.

Intuitive scanning of any material

ModelMaker MMDx features digital camera technology and Enhanced Sensor Performance of the 3rd generation (ESP3) to scan all sample materials and surface finishes. Through ESP3 technology, MMDx digitizes surfaces with varying color or abrupt surface finish transitions under any lighting conditions by dynamically adapting laser beam intensity point per point. Through the combination of ESP3 with the latest generation reflection filter even highly reflective objects can be scanned without the need for spraying. ModelMaker MMDx handheld laser scanners come in 50, 100 and 200mm laser stripe widths, to suit every inspection need.

ModelMaker MMC is the entry-level arm scanner and comes in 40,80, 160 stripe widths.

The 3D handheld scanners are compatible with Nikon Metrology arms and most leading 3rd party articulated arms, including Faro and Romer/CimCore.

  • Faster and more accurate scanning saves money and time
  • Ergonomic, light and small scanner
  • Scans almost all industrial materials
  • Portable out-of-the box system
  • Easy and fast plug & play set-up
  • Designed for use in all shop floor conditions
  • Optimized for hard-to-scan surfaces

Model Maker MMDx & MMC Brochure

Digitally handheld scanners for articulated arm scanning.

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