The world’s #1 dimensional control and point cloud engineering solution in the manufacturing community

InnovMetric is the inventor of point-cloud-based 3D inspection. InnovMetric has transformed high-density 3D digitizers into true metrology instruments by introducing and perfecting remarkable new computing techniques on point cloud data.

PolyWorks/Inspector is a powerful software solution that uses high-density point clouds to control the quality of parts and tools at every phase of your manufacturing process. Today, major automotive and aeronautic OEMs and tier-one suppliers worldwide use PolyWorks/Inspector as their standard dimensional control and engineering analysis software for prototype, first-article, manufactured, and assembled parts 3D inspection.

PolyWorks/Inspector offers unprecedented automation capabilities with its macro recorder and user-friendly scripting language. One click of a mouse can execute an entire 3D inspection sequence and generate detailed and customized inspection reports.

High-density point cloud digitizers are remarkable devices for quickly measuring complex free-form surfaces, while single-point hard probing devices are ideal for accurately measuring holes and prismatic features.

In addition to operating major laser scanner and white-light digitizer brands from its user interface, PolyWorks fully supports a wide range of arm-based and hand-held probing devices, photogrammetry-based devices, laser trackers, and manual CMMs, enabling hybrid metrology applications combining point clouds with hard probing.

With PolyWorks, migrating from traditional probing to hybrid or point cloud metrology has never been so easy or affordable.

  • Meshes very thin objects and parts
  • Produces polygons that are more accurate than the scanner measurements
  • Supports very large datasets without point sampling
  • Most advanced point cloud inspection techniques for alignment, feature extraction & fitting and automation

Primary applications

  • Assembled part inspection
  • Metal casting
  • First-article inspection
  • Plastic molding inspection
  • Prototype part inspection
  • Sheetmetal inspection
    Tooling inspection

Polyworks V12 Brochure

The Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform for Manufacturing.

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Polyworks V12 Datasheet

Read a quick overview of the key features, industries and capabilities of Polyworks/Modeler and Polyworks/Inspector.

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Polyworks V12 New Features

Discover the new features in Polyworks V12.

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Polyworks V12 Talisman

The PolyWorks Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform now comes equipped with PolyWorks/Talisman, a new remote control application for Apple® mobile computing devices (iPod touch®, iPhone®, iPad™), that brings your PolyWorks session in the palm of your hand while measuring on the shop floor.

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