Western Macedonia University and Tyφoon team

“Typhoon Motoracing UoWM “is the student team from the department of Mechanical Engineering of Western Macedonia University, in Greece.Led by assistant professor Mr. Giagkopoulos the team is preparing for the international “ MotoStudent” competition which takes place under the auspices of the MEF – Moto Engineering Foundation, on Spain’s Aragon racetrack in October, 2016. Further to developing and manufacturing a complete innovative 250cc, type Moto GP-3 racing motor bike, the next objective is to compete on the racetrack amongst more than 70 other international university teams.



Following the design, analysis and testing phases, the team has accomplished the entire manufacture of the prototype motorbike. The key role in reaching this objective was played by the Mechanical Engineering department’s 3D printer, a Stratasys Fortus 360mc. The team 3D printed a plastic frame for the motorbike in order to optimize and evaluate the design, before moving forwards in manufacturing the other parts for final project completion. 3D printing gave the possibility to verify the final designs, and redesign them to avoid potential errors, at the same time reducing overall production time and development costs.




“Our vision is to develop and implement innovative technological ideas in the automotive sector, by employing advanced design processes.”